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valentine's day

kristina (my roommate) and i decided to celebrate the day of love by hosting a pot-luck brunch with our nearest and dearest.
we had a wonderful array of food, kristina made bacon and eggs and i made a french toast casserole and brunch strata (both turned out amazing, i'll definitely make them again). our friends brought homemade turnovers, homemade vegan bagels, cookies, cupcakes, and lots of champagne.

{the spread in the first hour}

{my dishes were half gone in the few minutes it took me to find my camera}

{the mimosa station}

in the morning rush of getting things together for the party, kristina and i whipped up some decorations. we also wrote a message in lipstick on the bathroom mirror and left some some lipstick kisses

{kristina cut out mustaches and lips from foam and put them on suckers}

{i made heart garland with white felt and sewed the hearts together with red thread}

it was such a wonderful relaxing afternoon, we had guests from noon till 6 and enjoyed every minute.

{everyone enjoying the afternoon}

{kristina and i}


i made a very delicious pasta last night, i originally saw it here and last night i happened to have all the ingredients except for the red chile and i used whole weat penne pasta. it was so filling and delicious, it made a ton of pasta and i will definitely be making it again.

{penne rigate with brussels sprouts and gorgonzola via food and wine}

felting continued

saturday was the second half of the felting class i took with andrea. during this class we sewed zippers onto our coin purse shape and then needle felted designs onto them.

{our class working}

{andrea did a really pretty abstract design, almost like cherry blossoms}

{i did flowers on mine}

next class i want to take is making adorable needle-felted animals, i'm thinking a herd of corgis modeled after buster, peaches, fraiser, and darcy...


a few projects i've seen recently and want to attempt

{ knit vase cover, via design*sponge}

{felt wreath via purlbee}

{felted stackig bowls via painted fish studio}

{gift bows made from magazine pages via how about orange}


it may not seem like it, but i have been working on a project or two since christmas. thankfully i bit the bullet a few weeks ago and cleaned/ reorganized my craft closet, and now i can readily access any neccessary items.
to keep my hands busy, i'm continuing work on some embroidery i had wanted to give as christmas gifts. now last years christmas gift will be this years mother's day gift for the grandma's.

i'm also drafting a pattern (that i'll start sewing tonight) for a planner cover. my day planner (yes, i still use a pen and paper) is a very plain but functional black nylon, the cover i'm making will slip over the current cover and have pockets for post-it's, a pen, and any loose papers. i'm thinking of using some beautiful japanese fabric similar to the one in the picture.

lastly, i've had a spark of inspiration from this blog to embroider some more of my large flour-sack towels.


saturday morning i met my friend andrea in santa monica to take a wet felting class at the urban craft center. the urban craft center is an amazing space with a retail side, studio area you can rent, tables for classes and a comfy sofa for hanging out.
our class is a two part wet felting class, by the end we'll have made a little coin purse. wet felting is really fun, you basically take pieces of wool roving then add really hot water and natural soap and start working it into the shape you want till the wool fibers start to contract together and become felt. here are some pictures of our first class:

{the wool roving}

{we layered strips of roving over a jar (used as a mold) and then started working with hot water and soap to get the fibers to react}

{my friend andrea, demonstrating how you rub the roving (creating friction) to get it to felt}

{when the fibers are finally sticking together on the jar, you switch to working the piece by hand creating the bowl-like shape, here is my piece ready for the next phase/class}
the whole process is really fun, and reminded me a lot of working with clay, in our next class we'll be needle felting designs onto our purses. 
 saturday was also the birthday party for my roommate, i made two appetizers for the party; cherry tomatoes stuffed with feta i marinated and kalamata olives, and smoked salmon puffs. both dishes turned out great and were gone within minutes.

{puff pastry stuffed with smoked salmon and crumbled feta}

to make

i have a growing list of projects i either need to finish or want to start, but my craft closet is a post-christmas disaster zone. tonight i shall clean it and start sewing/knitting/embroidering again!!!

oh, and i'm adding this to my growing list of things to make [from mochimochi shop]


i discovered today (via design*sponge) that the amazing artist alyson fox has a dishware line coming out!
if friends or family were wondering what to get me for my birthday (yes, i know it's months away), i would love some of these coffee mugs or plates.

{my favorite}

good eats

one of my many new years resolutions this year was to cook more, i should be more specific, to cook more adventurous (for me) and healthy meals. last night i made a very delicious dish from fitness magazine, the pasta rosa verde cooked up quick and was both filling and flavorful. my only deviation from the recipe was to add chicken my roommate had made the previous night and  there was enough leftover that she and i am enjoying it for lunch today.

{mine was almost as pretty as their picture}



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